Areas of activities

    • Maintaining and improving fund/genetic heritage of potato, medicinal plants, turkeys and cattle.
    • Creating new potato varieties through conventional and unconventional methods using wild species and cultivars with good adaptation to Romania conditions, disease resistance, which better use the ecological and technological resources.
    • Improving the quality of seed potato and promotion of biotechnology (in vitro cultures, micro and minitubers).
    • Development the physiological bases of production formation, modeling and simulation of potato and sugar beet growth.
    • Elaboration of integrated and differentiated potato and sugar beet cultivation technologies with low, non-polluting and economical energy consumption.
    • Elaboration of forecasting and warning methods for control of major diseases and major pests.
    • Management of potato and sugar beet production, turkey and cattle breeding.
    • Use of information technology on management and marketing of potato production and sugar beet.
    • Elaboration of studies on zoning and micro-zoning, management and marketing of potato, and sugar beet.
    • Application of national and European standards for production of seed potatoes, sugar beet seed production, potato quality standards.

National and international affiliations

    • European Association for Potato Research (EAPR)
    • International Confederation of Sugar Beet Growers in Europe (CIBE)
    • Working Group of the World Network BETA National Institute for Plant Genetic Resources in Rome.
    • Product councils (potato, beet, medicinal plants)
    • Association of producers and processors of medicinal and aromatic plants in Romania (APPMAR).
    • Romanian National Potato Federation
    • Eco-sano-genesis Society of Romania
    • Society for Ecological Agriculture
    • CAgR, Romanian Society of Ethnofarmacology
    • National Federation of Sugar Beet Growers in Romania
    • The Romanian Agrarian History and Retrology Society,
    • Association of Breeders and Producers of Seed and Planting Material from Romania.


Technologies / Varieties / Seed production

  • Weed control technology in sugar beet crops.
  • Modernized sugar beet cultivation technology with optimization of production factors.
  • Modernized fertilizer technology for sugar beet crop.
  • Modernized sugar beet seed multiplication technology.
  • Creation of 9 varieties of sugar beet, of which 5 genetically monogerm varieties: Stupini, Monorom, Braşov 519, Bârsa, Andra.
  • Creation of 34 potato varieties, 17 listed in the Official Catalog, multiplied with priority: Roclas, Christian, Dacia, Amelia, Nicoleta, Tâmpa and Rustic.
  • Specific technology for multiplication of Romanian sugar beet varieties Bârsa, Braşov, Polirom.
  • 10 to 15 thousand micro-plans obtained annually by in vitro cultures.
  • Approximately 150 t seed potato from superior biological categories (clonal material and pre-base), intended for production of certified seed (base, class A and B).
  • Performance, non-polluting technology for increasing potato conservation (preservation) duration.
  • Technology for electric field treatment of seed potato in order to increase the quality of product and yield per hectare.
  • Electro-hydrodynamic technology and equipment for application of protective substances on potato crops.
  • Specific multiplication technology for trilineal triploid monogerm sugar beet hybrid Andra.

Technological transfer

  • Delivery of 10-15 thousand free micro-plants, produced annually. Beneficiaries: Clonal material producers. Economic effect: obtaining superior initial clonal material with high quality. Technological transfer.
  • Delivery of about 150 tons seed potatoes per year as clonal and pre-base material. Beneficiaries: certified seed producers. Economic effect: obtaining seed potato with adequate phyto-sanitary quality, according to U.E standards.
  • Expansion in culture of Romanian potato varieties. Beneficiaries: potato producers and consumers. Economic effect: obtaining high potato yield (production); reducing inputs and cost price; avoid import.
  • Expansion in culture of Romanian sugar beet.varieties. Beneficiaries: sugar beet growers and sugar factories.

Great Achievements

  • Use of dihaploid forms in potato breeding.
  • Getting potato and sugar beet varieties with superior characteristics.
  • Production of seed potato with higher biological categories and superior quality indices.
  • Performance, non-polluting technology to increase potato conservation duration.
  • Monitoring the late blight populations (Phytophtora infestans) to identify A2 patho-type.
  • AGROEXPERT system for forecasting and warning potato late blight.
  • Identification of over 200 species of migratory aphids, virus vectors on seed potato crops.
  • Promotion of precision agriculture technologies in potato crop.
  • Applying modern methods of soil testing by drawing the conductivity maps in order to optimize fertilizing technology.
  • High-performance spraying system for mineral oils, mixed with insecticides, used to control aphids, vectors of viruses on seed potato crops.
  • Dynamic electro-hydraulic technology and equipment for application of protective substances on potato crops.
  • Production of seed of superior biological categories from Romanian sugar beet varieties.
  • Organizing the International Symposium EAPR Agronomy Section Meeting, Mamaia, Romania, June 23 – 27, 2004.